June 22, 2016

Communities Near Wilmington, NC


This blog primarily focuses on Wilmington, North Carolina, but there are several nearby towns that also make up this community. We thought we would shine the spotlight on these neighboring towns, particularly for those potential home buyers from out of the area who might not be familiar with them.


Also referred to as "LA" or "over the bridge" by locals, Leland has exploded in popularity in recent years. Located in Brunswick County just across the Cape Fear River (about 5 minutes) from Downtown Wilmington, many new home communities have been built there recently. The population growth has also led to several new commercial centers. Check out Waterford, Magnolia Greens, Compass Pointe, Brunswick Forest, and Ashton Place if you are considering a home in Leland. This town is also quickly becoming known for it's plentiful and impressive golf courses, many of which are open to the public.

Castle Hayne

About 20 minutes from Downtown Wilmington, Castle Hayne offers Southern country living at its best, with easy access to everything the greater Wilmington area has to offer. Real estate is typically more affordable in Castle Hayne, and it's easier to find a property with a few acres to call your own than it is in much of the rest of New Hanover County. If you would like to look at homes in Castle Hayne take a look at Apple Valley, Runnymeade, or Prince George Estate subdivisions, or one of the many more rural properties that dot this beautiful countryside. 

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Farmland and fishing shacks are making way for new homes to accommodate the rapid growth in Hampstead, north of Wilmington in Pender County. Though it is changing this town is not losing sight of its history or its charm. Excellent schools, award winning golf, and the waterfront draw people from all over to settle here. The newly built US-140 bypass provides a fast connection from Hampstead to Downtown Wilmington - making it only a 26 minute drive. (It's also only 10 minutes down 17 to the north end of Wilmington.) There are many Hampstead neighborhoods to consider but make note of Harbour Village, Belvedere Plantaion, or Deerfield Estates for majestic waterfront properties, or Olde Point, Eagles Watch, or Castle Bay for nice, single family homes.

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May 5, 2016

Summer Excursions to our National Parks

Nat, Megan, Cooper, and Jalen in Zion National Park

Thinking of taking a family vacation away from Wilmington this summer? Officially established in 1916, the creation of the U.S. National Park Service was largely due to the shared vision of industrialist, conservationist, Stephen Mather and President Teddy Roosevelt. There are 59 national parks in all and they exist to preserve and protect some of the country's most spectacular wildlife and landscapes. The parks of the western region are likely the most awe-inspiring. If you have never visited one of these majestic sites, please include it on your "Summertime To-Do" list. Here are three worth considering:

1. Grand Teton National Park - Encompassing Wyoming's Jackson Hole Valley, the Teton mountain range soars straight up over a mile. Rough and rugged, the dramatic and extreme elevations include only a few gentle foothills. Pine tree forests, lakes and over 200 miles of hiking trails provide a diverse array of activities for nature lovers. Hikers especially praise the 42-mile Teton Crest Trail. The park's year round residents include both black and grizzly bears, bison, eagles, elk, trumpeter swans, and wolves.

Official Park Site

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April 12, 2016

5 Spring Landscaping Tips For Homeowners

Azaleas in front of my house in Wilmington

A lot of people don't realize it, but the early spring months in Wilmington, NC are some of the nicest times of the year. Late February and into March are great, since they precede the rainy and pollen-stricken period of mid-late April and offers cooler, less humid days that are perfect for working outdoors.

If you're a Wilmington homeowner, you might want to take advantage of these beautiful days by getting a head start on your spring landscaping. There aren't many days left in this mild month, so get started by following these tips:

1. Out with the old

Take an afternoon (or a whole day, if you have a big yard) to clean out dead foliage, cut back withered plants and remove any fallen tree branches or other yard debris.

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April 6, 2016

Buying a Duplex vs a Single-Family Home for a Vacation Home

Eager house hunters frequently encounter all sorts of scenarios they never bargained for. For example, they may fall in love with a home that does not conform to their original wish list. They could become intrigued by a home with a pool, a two-story when they were adamant about a single-story, an unusual floor plan or architectural style. Sometimes, prospective buyers may be faced with choosing between a duplex vs. a single-family home. There are a variety of reasons that could make a specific duplex suddenly more appealing than a single-family home: it's in a great neighborhood, the price is better, it has built-in amenities, it's newer. Now, let's consider the general pros and cons:

Single-family pros and cons

  • Owning a single-family home means more freedom to do what you want when you want to do it, such as choices in regard to painting, renovating, updating, decorating, landscaping and perhaps throwing a big party.
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March 3, 2016

Does a Condo-Hotel Make Sense for Your Real Estate Needs?

Condotel on the beachThose looking for the perks of homeownership with the amenities of a hotel may find their perfect investment in what's known as a condo-hotel property.

What is a condo-hotel?

A condo-hotel is a housing establishment that offers buyers the chance to purchase a unit in a community that offers a multitude of features that one would normally have to go to a luxury hotel to enjoy. These amenities can include anything from movie rentals to on-site spa services to room service and more. A story from Bloomberg.com featured a buyer named Rainer Viete, who travels from Venezuela to Florida about once a month and found his ideal home away from home in the soon-to-be-built Hyde Resort & Residences in Miami. Viete was quoted as saying, "I love the amenities the building will have - a restaurant that can provide room service, a concierge, maintenance, a person that can clean your place, valet parking." The Hyde Resort & Residences is a $250 million project that is scheduled to break ground in August. According to Bloomberg, the community is already 85 percent sold.

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Sept. 9, 2012

Life and Real Estate in the Brooklyn Arts Area in Downtown Wilmington

If you're thinking about buying a home in an up- and-coming neighborhood, you might want you check out the Brooklyn Arts District on the north end of downtown Wilmington. From hip urban lofts to quaint bungalows to newly renovated historic properties, the community has a bit of everything. There is a lot to love about Brooklyn Arts including its proximity to the commercial and recreational center of downtown Wilmington (3-4 blocks), its neighborhood bars and businesses, and great events at St. Andrews Center. The latter was a church, built in 1888, which has been converted into one of the city's premier venues for concerts, weddings, art shows, and more. Over the next few month's acts such a Leon Russell (9/28), Jackie Greene (10/12), GZA (10/14), Matisyahu (10/30), and Against Me (11/7) will be performing.

The area seems to have a pretty diverse group of residents ranging from young professionals and hipsters to people who have called Wilmington's north end home for generations. The pharmaceutical development giant, PPD, is located within a half mile of Brooklyn Arts and the area is also a short walk to Cape Fear Community College, the Wilmington Convention Center, and the new marina which is currently being constructed. Like we said, there's a lot to like about this corner of downtown.

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